Federal Law 152 compliant cloud computing

We provide VMware-based cloud-based infrastructure, meeting the requirements of Federal Law No. 152 on personal data protection. Together with our partners we help to certify information systems by the regulators.

Federal Law 152 compliant cloud computing

What you get choosing Cloud-152

Community cloud to host personal data with 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels of security.

Private cloud to host personal data with 1st level of security.

Virtual infrastructure that meets PCI DSS and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 international standards.

The ability to integrate your security tools and equipment into the architecture of our solution.

Drafting documentation (threat model, detailed design, organizational documentation, letter to Roskomnadzor).

Assistance in information system certification.

Why should you intrust your personal data to our cloud?
Compliance with Russian and international security standards

We have all the necessary FSTEC and FSS certificates and licenses for protection of confidential information. The security system is certified under PCI DSS v. 3.2 and ISO 27001:2013 standards.

Expertise of VMware’s No. 1 cloud provider in Russia

Great experience in implementing complex projects, including deployment of business-critical systems and data.

Reliable infrastructure

Own Tier III data centers in Moscow certified by Uptime Institute.

Detailed SLA

We guarantee service availability at 99.982% level and bear financial liability for the quality.

How we provide security

All security measures used in Cloud-152 architecture are certified by FSTEC.

Physical Security
  • Multi-level access control to the territory and premises of the data center;
  • 24-hour video surveillance of internal premises and adjacent territories with video storage within 3 months;
  • Separate rack fencing and safe racks;
  • ACS decisions for fencing or rack, biometrics;
  • Dedicated solutions for video surveillance for specific equipment;
  • Sensors for rack doors opening.
Network Security
  • FSTEC certified equipment and software;
  • Network segmentation in the cloud via VLAN and firewall of Check Point FW;
  • External networks interaction control via the intruder detection system of Check Point Security Gateway;
  • Cryptographic protection of communication channels: GOST coding via the virtual crypto gateway S-Terra*;
  • Proxy server with Wallix sessions recording. Kaspersky Anti-Virus protection.
Virtualization Platform
  • vGate R2 is vSphere virtualization platform protection tool.
SLA - your personal quality control

For all Cloud-152 clients, we provide a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Here are key service quality indicators, taking into account different data security levels (SL):

99.982% service availability for SL-3

99.982% data center and infrastructure availability

8 minutes maximum downtime per month

MIPS / 1 vCPU ≥ 2800 processor speed

2000 IOPS/500 GB SSD guaranteed disk system performance

≤ 3ms average access time to SSD-disk

10 minutes service desk response time

Fill in the form and write down the required resource pool for your project. Our manager will go back to you to discuss the details.