Server and network equipment hosting and leasing in Tier III data centers OST and NORD in Moscow.


Rack space lease
  • for standard and non-standard server racks;
  • power delivered from 1 to 15 kW;
  • leasing of server racks, AVR, PDU;
  • installation of additional video cameras, ACS and door opening sensors on the racks.
Cage lease
  • additional security perimeter for your equipment;
  • possibility to instal biometric identification tools, additional ACS, video cameras and volume-sensitive detectors.
Computer room lease
  • a separated room for one client;
  • possibility to create backup room.

Our Infrastructure

22 785 m2total floor area
Tier IIIlevel infrastructure
16 613 m2floor area
33 200 kVAtotal installed capacity
6 172 m2floor area
15 000 kVAtotal installed capacity
11 700 m2floor area
20 000 kVAtotal installed capacity

Why you can trust us

Guaranteed and uninterruptible power supply systems
Power supply is uninterruptible in the data center. UPS, batteries and diesel generators allow the data center to operate autonomously when urban electric network is down.
Appropriate microclimate in computer rooms
Temperature in the ‘cold’ aisles is maintained at 23-27 °C, humidity - 30-70%.
24/7 security and video surveillance
The data center has a strict access control. All videos from inner and outer cameras are stored for three months.
Automated gas fire-fighting system
Computer rooms and infrastructural facilities are equipped with early smoke detection and gas fire suppression systems.
Fail-safe network infrastructure
Data center network is connected to Internet exchange points MSK-IX through our own reserved fiber-optic communication line (FOCL).
Remote monitoring
24/7 monitoring of all engineering systems with the broadcast of main parameters to your Personal Account.
Full-time access and support
Access to equipment, moving-in and out for equipment is possible at any time. Shift engineers monitor the operation of the data center and deal with inquiries 24/7.

SLA - your personal quality control

For all "Colocation" clients, we provide a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Key parameters and indicators, we are financially liable for, are listed below:

99.982% guaranteed service availability

8 minutes maximum downtime per month

two independent power beams for each rack

N+1utility facilities redundancy

≤ 5 minutesincident response time

≤ 15 minutesincident resolution time