Corporate platform for data storage and processing powered by Arenadata

Leading Russian developer of data collection and storage platforms for companies that want to transform their business via process digitization and complex analytics using Big Data.

Corporate platform for data storage and processing powered by Arenadata

Advantages of the service

Russian platform for import substitution

Powered by a reliable scalable DataLine cloud

Responsive technical support 24х7 via email and phone

Platform features

Arenadata DB

Data storage 

Distributed DBMS with an open source, that uses MPP concept (massively parallel processing). Implemented based on a cluster of many servers and designed for storage and processing of large volumes of data — up to scores of petabytes. 

How to use:


  • Operation with complex requests, processing large volumes, including those that contain comprehensive analytical functions
  • Effective mergence of big spreadsheets
  • Operation with indices
  • Data Science
  • Analytical functions on procedural languages
  • Ad-Hoc analytics

Arenadata Hadoop

Storage of cold and semi-structured data

Corporate distribution kit powered by Apache Hadoop, designed for storage and processing of semi-structured and unstructured data.

How to use:

  • Building a distributed storage platform powered by Apache Hadoop
  • Distribution kit is adapted for corporate utilization of cold and semi-structured data, which would be too expensive to store on MPP DBMS or proprietary DBMS

Arenadata Quickmarts

Data marts

Clustered column database management system, developed based on Yandex ClickHouse.

How to use:


  • Generation of analytic reports using big volumes of data, stored in flat marts
  • In conjunction with Arenadata DB/Greenplum
  • Analytics on structured logs and events
  • Quick marts
  • Distributed calculations for business and science
  • Analysis of server logs

Arenadata Streaming

Streaming (ESB/MB/MQ)

Scalable fault-tolerant system for stream data processing in real time. Adapted for corporate utilization.

How to use:

  • Corporate data exchange bus for all applications 
  • Environment for large data streams consolidation and management in real time
  • Tool for differentiation of access rights to data streams
  • Framework for quick development of stream analytic applications in real time and without any code

Arenadata Grid

In-Memory SQL

System of distributed calculations in operating memory, helping implement real time data processing scenarios as part of a single corporate data platform. 

How to use:

  • Building of distributed cache in-memory and addition of database functionality with 1 ms minimum speed

Arenadata Cluster Manager

All-in-one orchestrator of hybrid landscape

How to use:


  • Service operation options
  • Installation and configuration
  • Update
  • Monitoring
  • Access rights configuration
  • Integration with other services
  • Containerizing
Infrastructure operation options

  • Creation and deletion of virtual machines
  • OS configuration
  • Monitoring
  • User management
  • Access rights configuration

Additional options

  • Configuring security rights in ADCM
  • Open ADCM API
  • Open format for creation of new bundles: add your own services/infrastructure

The service includes the following:

Infrastructure in DataLine cloud powered by Tier III data centerYes
Help with resource sizingYes
Automated deploymentYes
Technical support 24х7Yes
Optimization of settingsYes
Optimization of schedulesYes
Preparation and provision of patches and changes in configuration for incident resolutionYes
Diagnostics of incident root causesYes
Provision of an answer to a user queryYes
Consulting regarding data integrationOn demand
Infrastructure monitoringAdditionally
Infrastructure backupAdditionally
Disaster Recovery of an infrastructureAdditionally