Data Center Management

We design and build new data centers and server rooms. We also audit and take over the maintenance of existing engineering infrastructure.

Data Center Management

We design on a turn-key basis data centers or separate utility facilities

  • Make sketch design;
  • Prepare design and engineering documentation, working draft, collect documentation to handover the project to the city expert evaluation.

We build data centers or server rooms from 3 to 3,000 racks with different fail-safety levels

  • Construct building from scratch;
  • Adapt the existing premises to the data center/server room needs: a room in a business center or an industrial building (former warehouse, factory);
  • Offer a suitable type of utility facilities and equipment in accordance with building specifications;
  • Pick up the contractors and control their work;
  • Commissioning: conduct acceptance tests, check documentation availability and prepare a report with comments and recommendations.

We take over the maintenance of your data center and server room

  • Full cycle maintenance: we will be an entry point for all aspects and issues and we will develop operational documentation and regulations;
  • Utility facilities maintenance: cooling system, power supply, fire safety system, low current systems;
  • Maintenance checks and repair work: equipment rotation, tests, maintenance, repair;
  • Spare parts management: purchasing, accounting, storage;
  • Remote or local monitoring of your data center/server room by DataLine specialists: configuration, support and maintenance.

We are a neutral party between you and your general contractor. We will give advise on the following issues:

  • Data center concept;
  • Site selection;
  • Design;
  • Construction;
  • Equipment selection;
  • Operational acceptance;
  • Data center certification assistance.

We will carry out technical and operational audit of utility facilities and operation processes


  • Utility equipment condition: air conditioners, UPS, DGS;
  • Climate control: temperature and humidity;
  • Power supply: current, voltage, power;
  • Equipment installation accuracy;
  • Assessment of sufficient redundancy of utility facilities and equipment rotation;
  • Equipment upgrade and repair;
  • Monitoring system implementation and audit.


  • Operation processes implementation and optimization;
  • Capacity management;
  • Incidents monitoring and analysis;
  • Operational documentation: instructions, regulations, acts;
  • Best practices for maintenance, equipment and systems testing;
  • Emergency response regulations;
  • Utility facilities contractors management;
  • Spare parts availability check and accounting.
Why you can entrust your IT infrastructure to us?
We have been designing, constructing and operating data centers
since 2007
Recognized professionals
Our data centers are certified under Tier III Uptime Institute standards (Design, Facility, Management & Operations).
A team of certified professionals
Our engineers are certified under Accredited Tier Designer and Accredited Operations Specialist standards by Uptime Institute.
10 data centers in Moscow
5351 racks in our data centers
48 200 kVA total installed capacity
22 785 m2 total floor area
Tier III Uptime Institute standards