Press service
29 June

Users of the DBaaS service (database as a service) now have the opportunity to host PostgreSQL databases in several data centers and combine them into a disaster-proof cluster. The new implementation of the service will ensure the availability of databases and applications and protect companies from information loss in the case of an entire data center failure. Read more about DataLine has developed a Disaster-proof solution for PostgreSQL databases

24 June

Wekan, an online kanban board, is now available on DataLine's cloud collaboration platform. Platform users will be able to connect an additional project management tool that provides visualization and transparency of tasks execution. Read more about Kanban board for online collaboration in the DataLine cloud

22 June

Data Center Technology Center service company was created on the basis of the teams of the data center market leaders Rostelecom Data Centers and DataLine. The new organization will combine the expertise and experience of specialists from the two companies in the construction, operation and maintenance of data centers. Read more about The DataLine team has joined with Rostelecom Data Centers in a new service company to develop the largest network of data centers in Russia

2 June

The Rostelecom group of companies took first place in the rating of Russian providers of cloud infrastructure (IaaS) according to TMT Consulting. Read more about DataLine as part of Rostelecom Data Centers became the leader in the IaaS market in 2020

18 May

The ready-made solution enables customers to quickly monitor the status of equipment in data centers and the status of their applications in DataLine cloud services. Read more about Updated cloud monitoring service for DataLine clients

11 May

Technologies of direct liquid cooling and contour heat pipes will reduce power and maintenance costs for data center infrastructure. Read more about Rostelecom Data Centers has started testing solutions for energy efficient cooling