Kubernetes as a Service

Full cycle support of production-ready Kubernetes clusters deployed in the DataLine cloud.

Kubernetes as a Service

For software development companies
CI/CD acceleration due to the automated creation of test environments similar to the productive ones.
For highload services and applications
Fast scalability up to 5000 nodes during peak hours. Node creation and deletion time — up to 2 minutes.
KuberLine helps to

Increase the availability of web services and clients' personal accounts.

Reduce new applications' time to market.

Provide the resiliency of highload platforms with nonuniform traffic.

Contact us
We will discuss the tasks our solution should handle and the expectations it should meet, and then prepare an optimal cluster for testing.
How it works
We provide CloudLine-based compute resources
vCPU 2-32
RAM 2-512 GB
Disk subsystem 50-2000 IOPS
We install a Kubernetes cluster and customize it to suit your needs
  • Certificate for the cluster access via Kubectl;
  • Cluster management dashboard access;
  • HELM certificate;
  • Access to the ETCD backup copies.
We carry out cluster maintenance and provide its availability at 99.95% level
  • Upgrade of Kubernetes, including minor versions;
  • Incident management 24×7;
  • Certificate maintenance;
  • User management;
  • Cluster and user data backup.
Why you can trust us
Reliable infrastructure

Tier III data centers in Russia certified by the Uptime Institute

Qualified experts

In-house Kubernetes administrators and associate vendor's support

Always connected

Technical support 24×7 via email or by phone

Detailed SLA

Financial liability for non-provision of the guaranteed service parameters

SLA – your personal quality control

We provide a detailed Service Level Agreement and the financial guarantees to all KuberLine clients.

22 minutes maximum cluster unavailability per month

15 minutes maximum incident response time

120 minutes maximum critical incident resolution time

6 hours RPO as maximum, storage interval – 7 days

You can test our service for free within two weeks. Fill in the form and write down the required resource pool. Our manager will contact you to discuss the details.