NORD-4 Data Center

The largest commercial data center in Russia. Launched in 2015. The design and facility are certified according to Uptime Institute TIER III Standard.
41, Korovinskoye shosse
11 700 m2floor area
20 000 kVAtotal installed capacity
Uptime Institute Standard
There are 8 computer rooms for 2016 racks in NORD‑4.
Computer rooms and engineering facilities are located in special containment ("house in the house"), which protect equipment from leaks and dust. The walls of the containment can suppress the spread of fire during 45 minutes.
NORD‑4 is situated in a dedicated area. The data center has its own 24/7 security service. Entrances to the territory and premises of NORD‑4 are equipped with access control system (ACS), which protects from unauthorized access. Data center is also equipped with alarm button for requesting emergency assistance from federal police.
All visitors of the data center must sign in and show ID
All inner and surrounding area of the data center are under full-time control of video surveillance system.
Video from the cameras is transmitted to monitors of security service and recorded. Video archive is stored for three months at least.
Online broadcast from cameras placed near your equipment can be arranged to your Personal Account and DL. Monitor mobile app.
24/7security and video surveillance
On request your racks can be protected by a with special fence (cage), individual security cameras and access control system.
The power is supplied from the city to the data center through two independent routes and distributed between 4 power center. Each power center has 2 step-down transformers, 4 diesel generators and 11 UPS. one power centers supplies with power 2 computer rooms and associated engineering equipment.
2independent routes in each power center
If power from the city is lost, the data center automatically switches to power supply from diesel generators. There are 16 diesel generators in operation on NORD‑4 site. Diesel generators have N+1 redundancy. The engine of each diesel generators is maintained in a warm state, so generators reach operating conditions and synchronize with each other within 30 seconds.
30 secondstime for diesel generators to reach operating conditions
NORD‑4 has 100 cu.m fuel underground storage with a tank for emergency fuel discharge. From this storage fuel is automatically added to fuel tank of diesel generators.
While diesel generators are getting into the gear, NORD‑4 data center is powered by uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) APC MGE Galaxy 7000 and batteries.
2Nredundant UPS
15 minutesthe data center will be able to work on batteries. This is more than enough for diesel generators to start and undertake power supply of the data center
Computer rooms are arranged according to ‘cold’ aisle/’hot’ aisle layout. In ‘cold’ aisle constant microclimate is maintained.
23–27 ̊Сtemperature in ‘cold’ aisle

Cold supply of NORD‑4 is organized as chiller scheme with ethylene glycol and water. NORD‑4 will have 14 Stulz CyberCool-2 chillers. Now 7 chillers are in operation as only a half of data center is launched. During cold season ethylene glycol is cooled with street air (free cooling).
N+2redundant cold supply system
Computer rooms are equipped with Stulz two-circuit precision air conditioners. Each room is cooled by 14 air conditioners.
A special technical floor is organised for pipelines of water and glycol circuits, heat exchanging units, pumps, expansion and storage tanks, automation and control system.
Data center are equipped with VESDA early smoke detection system and automatic gas fire suppression system. The extinguishing agent is Novec 1230.
2Nredundant fire extinguishing system
DataLine network is distributed between two sites - OST and NORD. It has points of presence on the MMTS-9, MMTS-10 and it is connected to Internet exchange points MSK-IX. All nodes are connected to each other by DataLine’s own redundant fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL).
2Nredundant telecom infrastructure
All parameters of the engineering systems are monitored around the clock in the monitoring center. Twice a day on duty engineers bypass data centers, and check the status of IT and engineering equipment.
2473parameters are monitored in the NORD‑4 data center monitoring system
In your Personal Account and mobile application DL Monitor you can monitor the basic parameters of the data center systems and your own equipment, placed in NORD data centers.