Privacy Policy for DL Monitor

The application is indented for employees of DataLine's client companies, and provides access to relevant information about DataLine's data centers and engineering systems.

  1. Access to the application is granted only to employees of DataLine's client companies after authorization.
  2. The user is identified and authenticated with user login and password.
  3. Access login and password for the application is provided by client company's personal service manager.
  4. The password belongs to confidential information and cannot be disclosed to third parties.
  5. If the password is compromised, the user must address the personal service manager of the DataLine's client company.
  6. The application does not collect, store or transmit personal data.
  7. The application does not contain commercial offers, and no commercial offers are sent to application users.

The DataLine company reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice.