Cloud Computing

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) virtual infrastructure is a ready-made compute resource with no cost for purchase and maintenance of physical equipment. You get a pool of virtual resources (processors, memory, disk space) that you manage via web panel. Create virtual servers and networks with the desired configuration, install any system and application software.

Cloud Computing

Virtual infrastructure capabilities

Custom configuration: no limitations on processor capacity, memory, disk space and Internet channel width.

Flexible network settings: virtual networks with web panel management and an ability to configure a firewall, balancer, VPN, NAT using virtualization platform tools.

Manageability: create virtual machines, configure the network, manage virtual infrastructure via convenient self-service portals.

Scalability: increase and decrease IT-resources in use, including through API.

Cost optimization: ready-made compute resources without investment in the purchase and maintenance of physical equipment.

Our IaaS Services

VMware-based cloud computing – VMware-based IaaS virtual infrastructure;

CloudLine in Saint Petersburg – fail-safe VMware-based cloud infrastructure built on the partner site in Saint Petersburg;

Hyper-V-based cloud computing – Hyper-V-based IaaS with a connection to Azure cloud;

Federal Law 152 compliant cloud computing – virtual infrastructure, constructed in accordance with Federal Law No. 152;

Disaster-proof cloud computing – VMware-based IaaS with a contemporary data replication to two sites and 99.99% accordance with a SLA.

Azure and AWS direct connection – a dedicated Ethernet connection to Microsoft and Amazon global cloud services at the required speed.

Network virtualization - VMware NSX-based platform for security and network services virtualization.

Why us?

Guaranteed productivity

No memory overcommitment, processor cores allocation without hyper-trading, guaranteed DSS speed within SLA.

Tier III data centers

Cloud infrastructure is deployed on our own resilient data centers in Moscow.

Cloud SLA

We guarantee service availability up to 99.982% and we are financially liable for non-compliance with the agreements.

Flexible payments

Hourly pay (Pay As You Go), choose what is more convenient for you - subscription fee or backup rental for the future.

IT consulting

Certified system architects will help you with sizing and developing a cloud solution architecture and migration plan.

Technical support

Solves your service questions 24x7.