IaaS Virtual Infrastructure

 Ready-made cloud IT-infrastructure for business, without expenses for hardware and its administration. 

IaaS Virtual Infrastructure

Optimize expenses for IT-personnel and hardware

Scale the resources used’

Manage virtual machines via comfortable panel

Work with virtual infrastructure, as it suits you:

Cloud resources with any configuration, without limitations on processor’s calculating capacity, memory, disc volume and internet link’s bandwidth.

Manage virtual infrastructure via self-service portal: create virtual machines, networks, install any SW.

Use full-feature network services (firewall, load balancer, VPN, NAT) through virtualization platform.

Increase and cut IT-resources used’ through API.

Our IaaS Services

Virtual infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure based on virtualization for business-critical data and applications.

  • SLA 99.982%
  • Data Centers in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Udomlya

Hyper-V virtual infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure based on Hyper-V with option for integration to Azure big cloud.

  • SLA 99.95%
  • Data Center in Moscow

OpenStack (Tionix) based virtual infrastructure

Scalable and fault-safe virtual resources based on OpenStack (from Tionix).

  • SLA 99.95%
  • Data Centers in Moscow and Ekaterinburg

Disaster-proof cloud

Cloud infrastructure with synchronous replication of data based on two geographically dispersed sites.

  • SLA 99.99%
  • Data Center in Moscow

Cloud that compliant to 152-FZ requirements

Cloud infrastructure certified for compliance of 152-FZ law and FSTEK requirements.

  • SLA 99.982%
  • Data Center in Moscow

Global Load Balancer (GSLB)

Cloud balancer provides availability and fault tolerance of high-loaded applications, hosted in different clouds, data centers and hybrid environments.

You don’t know what suits you best? You need help for migration? Leave us the request, and our experts will help you.

Have trust in our clouds

Tier III Data Centers

Cloud infrastructure deployed via own fault-safe data centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Udomlya.

IT consulting

Certified system architects will help you with sizing and developing a cloud solution architecture and migration plan.

Financial guarantees

We guarantee the availability of cloud service up to 99.99 % and we are financially responsible for non-observance of the terms of the agreements.

Technical support

Solves your service questions 24x7.

Working with us is profitable

IT costs’ optimization

Get the ready-made computing resources, without investments required in buying and maintenance of hardware.

Free test period

Make payment decision upon trying of any of our IaaS-services for 2 weeks period.

Flexible payments

Hourly pay (Pay As You Go), choose what is more convenient for you - subscription fee or backup rental for the future.