Applications hosting

Business applications hosting and management in the fail-safe infrastructure of TIER III data centers.

Applications hosting

Applications hosting capabilities

Proven solutions by top Microsoft, SAP, Oracle client business applications developers.

Flexible monthly payments model with payment only for active users. Immediate increase or decrease of the volume of used licenses.

Management and maintenance of client’s physical or virtual infrastructure and system software.

Compliance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 242 on the placement of personal data handled by applications.

SAP – hosting and maintenance of SAP business applications based on resilient TIER III data center infrastructure.

Cloud MS SQL – ready-made MS SQL databases in the DataLine cloud.

Cloud MySQL – ready-made MySQL databases in the DataLine cloud.

Cloud PostgreSQL – ready-made PostgreSQL databases in the DataLine cloud.

Why you can trust us

Tier III data centers

Fail-safe physical or virtual capacities for applications hosting.

Guaranteed performance

Detailed SLA with the key service parameters and our financial responsibility for their compliance.

Expertise and proficiency

Our specialists assistance with resource sizing and migration from cloud services and physical infrastructure.

Always connected

Personal account manager and 24x7 technical support.

Oracle Gold PartnerVMware Premier Service Provider (VSPP)