Data Base Administration

 Support and maintenance of data bases from certified specialists.

Data Base Administration

We perform administration of:




Maria BD


What data base administration includes:

Updates installationYesYes
DB’s creation and deletingYesYes
Creation and deleting of schemes, tables, users, rights configurationYesYes
Configuration of DBMS basic parameters according to requirements of Customer’s projectYesYes
Organization of monitoring and backup copyingYesYes
DB and backup copying statuses’ monitoringYesYes
DB access managementYesYes
DB restoration in case of faultYesYes
Solution of incidents at DB operationYesYes
Space managementYesYes
DB’s import and exportNoYes
SSL configurationNoYes
Statistic metrics’ analysisNoYes
SQL requests’ optimality analysisNoYes
Analysis of messages from DBMS system logsNoYes
DB replication configurationNoYes
Fault-safe solution’s creationNoYes
Provision of reports for serviceNoYes

Financial guarantees of high quality

For all customers we provide detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Below listed are basic features and specifications that we do financially guarantee:

≤ 5 minutes incident response time

≤ 20 minutes incident solution time

3 months storage depth for backup copies of configuration file

1 year storage depth for monitoring statistics data

Why choose us?


10 years of experience on administration of complex IT-infrastructure for Customers and our own equipment.  

Always connected

Technical support from certified engineers in 24x7 mode.

Detailed SLA

Financial responsibility for non-observance of SLA’s basic specifications.


Your data base will be maintained by dedicated team of certified engineers.