RabbitMQ as a Service

Service provides a ready-made RabbitMQ queue server with the custom parameters based on the DataLine infrastructure.

RabbitMQ as a Service

Advantages of RabbitMQ cloud databases

Quickness: you get ready-to-operate queue servers with custom configuration.

Full support: we take over the support and maintenance of the physical and virtual infrastructure, OS, queue servers and backup.

Cost optimization: monthly payments instead of huge expenses on IT infrastructure management and database administrators' employment.

Detailed SLA: we guarantee cloud service availability of up to 99.98 % and bear financial liability for the failure to meet commitments.

Service settings

  • Editions of RabbitMQ: Web, Standard, Enterprise.
  • Virtual server size: vCPU up to 32 cores, RAM up to 512 GB.
  • Backup: Once a day, copies are stored for 7 days.
Additional options
  • LIGHT – queue server for experiments, without SLA, backup and maintenance.
  • Deployment of the queue server in the cloud in compliance with 152-FL.
  • Customizing the individual schedule of the backup.
  • Building a disaster-proof solution.

Why us

Flexible pricing policy

Monthly payment depends on the queue server version and size, as well as on the required availability and performance of a virtual machine.

Tier III data centers

The service is provided based on our fail-safe data centers in Moscow.

Expert support

The queue servers are serviced by experts specializing in highload cluster database configurations.

SLA – your personal quality control

For all "RabbitMQ as a Service" clients we provide a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Key parameters and indicators, we are financially liable for, are listed below:

99.96% availability of a single solution

99.98% availability of a cluster solution

18 minutes maximum downtime of the database per month for a single solution

9 minutes maximum downtime of the database per month for a cluster solution

0% RAM Swapped percentage of the configured VM memory

5 ms the maximum network delay within the DataLine network

24х7 technical support

≤ 15 minutes incident response time