Applications’ administration

We will take upon ourselves the support and maintenance of Microsoft and Linux applications. Concentrate on business-tasks instead of IT routine operations.

Applications’ administration

We administer:

Active Directory

Exchange Server

Remote Desktop Services



What will you get:

  • Expertise and technological support from Microsoft and Linux certified experts.
  • Virtual resources for temporary replacement in case of server hardware fault.
  • Reduction of work load for your IT-personnel.
  • Provision of stable operation for applications.
  • High quality of service with guaranteed detailed SLA.

What Exchange Server administration includes:

  • Administration of mailboxes, mailing groups and address books.
  • Parameters change for mailboxes and virtual directories.
  • Editing of white and black lists.
  • Logs analysis (SMTP, Security).
  • Automation scripts development via PowerShell.
  • Performance analysis based on GPX file monitoring data.

What Active Directory administration includes:

  • Creation and changes of group policy objects.
  • Creation, change, deletion of organizational elements, containers, users, groups, contacts.
  • Creation and change of trust-based relations and AD sites.
  • Input and output of domain controllers from AD forest.
  • Automation scripts’ development via PowerShell.

What Remote Desktop Services administration includes:

  • Addition and configuration of roles for remote desktop services.
  • Creation of collections of remote desktop services.
  • Input and output of terminal host to farm.
  • Terminal farm users’ management.
  • Deletion of stuck user sessions.
  • Examination of logs for remote desktop service.

What Apache and NGINX administration includes:

  • WEB-server monitoring.
  • Updates installation.
  • Restoration of functionality after emergency.
  • Provision of service reports.
  • Change of server’s configuration by Customer’s request.
  • Advice on system’s operation.
  • Resource planning.

Financial guarantees of high quality

For all customers of "Application’s Administration" service we provide detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Below listed are basic features and specifications that we do financially guarantee:

≤ 5 minutes incident response time 

≤ 20 minutes incident solution time

3 months storage depth for backup copies of configuration file 

1 year storage depth for monitoring statistics data 

Why choose us?


10 years of experience on administration of complex IT-infrastructure for Customers and our own equipment.  

Always connected

Technical support from certified engineers in 24x7 mode.

Detailed SLA

Financial responsibility for non-observance of SLA’s basic specifications.


Your application will be maintained by dedicated team of certified engineers.