Cyber Security

We offer a ready-made package of products and services ensuring security of your infrastructure. From the base installation of security means to complete monitoring of susceptibilities and preparation of the infrastructure for certification according to standards and legal requirements.

Cyber Security

The security issues that we solve

Undeveloped access rights

  • nonsegmented network;
  • lack of traffic control;
  • passwords compromise.

Information system attacks

  • lack of attacks protection;
  • no information about attack sources, effected systems and attack results;
  • services downtime due to the failures and DDoS attacks;
  • lack of anti-spam protection.

Infrastructure vulnerabilities

  • lack of data about vulnerabilities;
  • set up errors.

Staff shortage

  • lack of qualified IS specialists;
  • specialists are overloaded with operating tasks.

Slow introduction of new services

  • lack of interaction between functional IT units and information security units.


  • restrictions of business activities and fines.

Our solutions

Security means integration

Compliance with standards and laws

Why you can trust us

Proven solutions

from leaders in information security area – Check Point, Qrator, Variti, Wallarm, etc.

Reliable infrastructure

of Tier III data centers in Moscow, certified by the Uptime Institute.

A detailed SLA

with financial liability for violating the guaranteed service parameters.

Always connected

24x7x365 technical support.