Disaster Recovery as a service

Service for quick and convenient VMware virtual machines recovery to backup site in case of the shutdown on the main site.

Disaster Recovery as a service

Our DRaaS features

Recovery to any of the 3 sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

You pay only for the actually used resources.

Disaster recovery to DataLine cloud in case of the virtualization failure on-premise or in the service-provider cloud.

Disaster recovery self-management from web panel.

RPO from 5 minutes.

Up to 24 recovery points.

Automatic change of network settings at the backup site.


Managed DRaaS.

Manage replication and recovery on your own

Interface allows you to set up:
  • RPO (from 5 minutes)
  • Number of recovery points (up to 24)
  • Replication tasks
  • Data storage policy
  • Network settings for recovery on the backup site
  • DR testing
  • Monitoring

Service includes

Basic version
  • Resources on backup site on PAYG model.
  • DR-platform licences on each virtual machine.
  • Initial replication configuration.
Additional options
  • Set up of virtual machines from the client’s site.
  • DR-plan development.
  • DR-plan integration.
  • Scheduled DR-plan testing.

How to start?

If you already have resources in DataLine
  1. Fill out the questionnaire (only 5 questions).
  2. Create test organization with a required pool of resources.
  3. We show you how the service works and recommend DR-scenarios.
  4. 2 days from questionnaire completion to service demonstration.
If you have no resources in DataLine
  1. Fill out the questionnaire (but there will be more questions).
  2. We analyze current infrastructure.
  3. We organize network connectivity between sites.
  4. We set up DR.
  5. Conduct testing.

Why us?

Quick start

If you already have resources in DataLine, you will be able to launch test recovery two days after filling out the questionnaire.

Resilient infrastructure

Service is based on Tier III data-centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Affordable price

+30% of the core infrastructure value and you will have ready solution on disaster recovery. You pay only for the actually used resources.

Always connected

Technical support 24x7 via email or by phone.