MySQL as a Service

Service provides a ready-made MySQL database with the custom parameters based on the DataLine infrastructure.

MySQL as a Service

Advantages of MySQL cloud databases:

Outsourcing of all tasks related to data base administration, physical and virtual infrastructure, operating system

Russian language speaking experts’ support 24x7  via mail and phone

Service guaranteed availability according to SLA: 99,96 % for unique, 99,98 % for cluster solution

Monthly fee instead of expensive expenditures for IT-infrastructure and Data Base administrators

Service includes backup copying with periodic verification of restore from copies

Quick deployment of ready-to-use data base with required configuration

What included in the MySQL as service:

Customer’s Base migrationYesYes
DB installation and configurationYesYes
DB access managementYesYes
SW update (DBMS, released security updates for DB and OS)YesYes
Backup copying, configuration, availability and status monitoringYesYes
Periodic test restore of dataYesYes
Logs and trace files analysis, advice on analysis and configuration of DB’s operation performanceYesYes
Incidents’ solutionYesYes
Creation and administration of fail-safe DB using clustering and replication technologiesNoYes
Load BalancerNoYes
SLA Availability99,96 %99,98 %
DB putting to Cloud that is 152-FZ compliantAdditionallyAdditionally
Configuration of Backup copying scheduleAdditionallyAdditionally
Data restore to other siteAdditionallyAdditionally

Service settings

  • Virtual server size: vCPU up to 32 cores, RAM up to 512 GB.
  • Database volume: from 1 GB and more.
  • Backup: Once a day, copies are stored for 7 days.
Additional options
  • LIGHT – database for experiments, without SLA, backup and maintenance.
  • Deployment of the database in the cloud in compliance with 152-FL.
  • Customizing the individual schedule of the backup.
  • Building a disaster-proof solution.

Why You Shall Choose Us?

Flexible tariffs

Monthly fee depends on version and size of the Data Base, unique or cluster realization of Data Base, required availability and virtual machine’s performance.

Expert support

Data Bases are maintained by experts specialized in operation of hig-loaded cluster configurations of Data Bases.

Detailed SLA

We are financially responsible for the maintenance of SLA’s key parameters.

Always connected

24х7 support via e-mail and telephone.

SLA – your personal quality control

For all "MySQL as a Service" clients we provide a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Key parameters and indicators, we are financially liable for, are listed below:

99.96% availability of a single solution

99.98% availability of a cluster solution

18 minutes maximum downtime of the database per month for a single solution

9 minutes maximum downtime of the database per month for a cluster solution

0% RAM Swapped percentage of the configured VM memory

5 ms the maximum network delay within the DataLine network

24х7 technical support

≤ 15 minutes incident response time