S3 object storage

We offer the object storage on the Cloudian’s platform supporting Amazon S3 API.

S3 object storage

What is an object storage

It is a method of non-hierarchical storage of large data volumes.

Depending on the content, the following are used:

  • HOT storage for frequently used content of sites and services;
  • COLD storage for backups, archives and documents.
Advantages of an object-based data storage
  • Reduced load on your current capacities. The productive DSS occupancy is reduced due to content uploading from the storage rather than from servers;
  • Automatic service scaling related to the data volume and/or data access frequency growth.
  • Data storage cost optimization. You pay only for actually used resources (Pay-as-you-go).
Storage management

All data are stored as separate objects;

Every object contains metadata (owner, rights, modification time, etc.), its unique ID;

The storage does not depend on the number of nodes or geographic location. Several nodes and sites are displayed as one logical storage system.

Advantages of the DataLine’s object-based data storage

We are located in Russia

We observe the current legislation;

We speak Russian: contracts and technical support are provided in Russian.

We are faster

The less the distance between your infrastructure and users, the smaller the number of network delays.

We are cheaper

Prices set in RUB and lower than those of Amazon S3.

Test period

Free storage up to 15 GB for 2 weeks.



Guaranteed infrastructure availability


Reliability of storage objects

300 requests per second

Minimum read/write speed for files under 1 MB

1.25 Gbit per second

Minimum read/write speed for files greater than 100 MB

You may test our service free or charge during two weeks. Fill in the form and write down the required resouce pool. Our manager will go back to you to discuss the details.