S3 object storage

Scalable storage for uncategorized content of the web-sites, backups, archives and corporate documentation.

S3 object storage

S3 features

Reduces load on your current capacities. The content is stored and uploaded from the storage, not from the servers. The productive DSS occupancy is reduced.

Automatic service scaling related to the data volume and data access frequency growth.

Data storage cost optimization. You pay only for actually used resources (Pay-as-you-go).

Compatible with Amazon S3.

What can be stored?

  • Backend-platform data for mobile and web-applications.
  • Content for websites and services.
  • Multimedia files (photo, video, audio) for mass distribution.
  • Corporate apps data and e-document flow.
  • Data lake for processing and analysis.
  • Data archives with quick access.
  • Documents archives for regulatory compliance.
  • It system backup.

What works with object storage

Backup systems:

  • Commvault;
  • Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Manager;
  • Rubrik;
  • Veritas NetBackup.

Common CMS (via plugins)

  • Bitrix;
  • Drupal;
  • Joomla;
  • Wordpress.

Why us?

We are in Russia

We are complying with the current Russian legislation, provide contracts and technical support in Russian.

We are faster

Less the distance between your infrastructure and users, less the number of network delays.

We are cheaper

Prices set in RUB and lower than those of Amazon S3.

Test period

Free storage of up to 15 Gb within 2 weeks.

SLA - your personal quality control

For all "S3 object storage" clients, we provide a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Key parameters and indicators, we are financially liable for, are listed below:

99.95% guaranteed service availability

99.99999% reliability of storage objects

300 requests per second the minimum scanning/recording speed for files less than 1 MB

1.25 Gbit per second the minimum scanning/recording speed for files larger than 100 MB