Data management platform by DataOffice Rostelecom

Reliable infrastructure and tools for operation with large data arrays for any business tasks.

Data management platform by DataOffice Rostelecom

Advantages of the service

Russian platform for import substitution

Powered by a reliable scalable DataLine cloud

Responsive technical support 24х7 via email and phone

Platform features


Reliable storage of large volume of unstructured and semi-structured data.

When to use:


  • Development of complex transformations and calculations.

RT.Streaming Powered by Kafka and Nifi

Streaming data processing and ETL-processes management. 

When to use:

  • Creation of event-base systems.
  • Data processing in real-time.
  • Development of etl-processes and orchestration of stream data.


Data export from sources, supporting JDBC connection and delivery to HDFS file storage.

When to use:

  • For data storages with daily frequency of data updates.


Mass-parallel database for storage of structured data with horizontal scaling, backup and mirroring.

When to use:

  • Building of corporate reporting.
  • Organization of DWH.


NoSQL database for heavy loaded systems. High response rate and operation reliability due to no guarantee of data consistency. 

When to use:


  • Development of heavy load services.
  • Building of geographically distributed systems.


Analytical DB for effective processing of big data with high speed and limited version of data query language.

When to use:


  • Data analytics.
  • Analysis of wide spreadsheets in different slices.
  • Building of analytical reports.


Interface for configuration, management and monitoring of synchronization processes for Greenplum DBMS instances.

When to use:

  • Synchronization of Greenplum DBs between each other.Archiving and recovery of DB.



Data management with a single access point. Includes corporate glossary, life cycle and description of data, report registry.

When to use:


  • Data consistency between IT engineers and business divisions.


Single harmonization processes and reference keeping control.

When to use:

  • Implementation of NRD keeping business process.
  • Harmonization of references from source systems to DWH.



Deployment, management and monitoring of a cluster using a visual “single window” visual interface.

The service includes the following:

Infrastructure in DataLine cloud powered by Tier III data centerYes
Help with resource sizingYes
Automated deploymentYes
Technical support 24х7Yes
Optimization of settingsYes
Optimization of schedulesYes
Preparation and provision of patches and changes in configuration for incident resolutionYes
Diagnostics of incident root causesYes
Provision of an answer to a user queryYes
Consulting regarding data integrationOn demand
Infrastructure monitoringAdditionally
Infrastructure backupAdditionally
Disaster Recovery of an infrastructureAdditionally