Data Management and Storage

We offer comprehensive data management solutions based on TIER III data centers: backup, replication, storage and consistent recovery of information systems and data. We will help to develop backup and replication policy, create and test recovery scenarios, organize cloud, DSS or tape library data storage, restore backup data and  replicas on demand.

Data Management and Storage

Features of Our Solutions

Backup of any objects: business applications, file systems, databases, physical servers and virtual machines, desktops.

Original information systems and data can be hosted on any site: in your office, external data center or cloud.

Flexible backup policies - speed, frequency of creation and recovery, storage depth.

Backup duplication on the second site, in NORD data center.

Disaster recovery in the cloud or on the physical infrastructure in case of failure at your main site.

Private backup system for your project only.

Our solutions

S3 object storage — the object storage is the Cloudian’s platform-based storage supporting Amazon S3 API;

DSS lease — additional resources for data storage;

Place on shared resilient DSS for archives and backup storage — Fail-safe DSS;

CloudBase databases — ready-made databases with the custom parameters deployed in the DataLine cloud;

Why us
Proven solutions

from Commvault and Veeam - the world leaders in backup and replication area.

Reliable infrastructure

of Tier III data centers in Moscow, certified by the Uptime Institute.

A detailed SLA

with financial liability for violating the guaranteed service parameters.

24/7 technical support

by email and phone to help resolve all issues.