Platform-Based Services

We offer reliable tools for organizing IT solutions for businesses. The services include computing resources (processors, memory, disk space), necessary licenses for software, administration and technical support for platforms.

Platform-Based Services

Our solutions

MS SQL as a Service — We support and aministrate ready-made MS SQL databases;

MySQL as a Service — We support and aministrate ready-made My SQL databases;

PostgreSQL as a Service — We support and aministrate ready-made PostgreSQL databases;

MongoDB as a Service — We support and aministrate ready-made MongoDB;

KuberLine — platform for Kubernetes cluster management;

DevOps as a Service — integration of DevOps practices with Kubernetes infrastructure and all the required CI/CD tools.

1C as a service — all the familiar 1C configurations without the cost of servers and licenses. To start working, all you need is Internet access.

Why you can trust us
Reliable infrastructure

Tier III data centers in Russia certified by the Uptime Institute.

Qualified experts

In-house administrators of Kubernetes clusters and MS SQL, MySQl, PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases.

Detailed SLA

Financial liability for the non-provision of the guaranteed service parameters.

Always connected

Technical support 24×7×365 via email or by phone.