DDoS Attack Protection

Complex solution for the DDoS and hacker attack protection specifically tailored for your tasks and based on DataLine’s own resources and partner platforms QRATOR, Variti, Level3, CloudFlare, ServicePipe, etc.

DDoS Attack Protection

DDoS or hacker attack can trigger serious problems in your web resource operation

Denial of service to your clients.

Transaction loss.

Leakage and theft of confidential information (user personal data, accounts and sessions).

Malicious code infection of your web resource.

Unauthorized commands execution on your servers.

Illegitimate modification of your resource pages and adding unwanted links and redirects.

Features of solutions

  • Protection against DDoS attacks at L3, L4, L7 levels.
  • Blocking only malicious traffic without losing users.
  • HTTPS filtration without disclosure of SSL-certificate.
  • Simple connection to service.

DataLine solution benefits


Unrestricted DDoS filtration bandwidth.


Filtration function control through the site personal account and online reports.


Hacker attack blocking with minimum false triggering.


Service availability – 99.5%. Maximum monthly downtime – 3 hours.