Web Application Firewall

The service tracks and blocks web-site attacks. The solution is based on Valarm and DataLine infrastructure.

Web Application Firewall

Tasks it solves

Protection of web-site or web-application against hacker attacks: payment gateways, web-stores, media.

Compliance with PCI DSS and ISO27001 standards of protection against application attacks.

Service Capabilities

  • Web-site protection against application level attacks.
  • Automatic identification and blocking of attacks.
  • Automatic search for application susceptibilities.
  • Easy rules setting: to train the system the user needs to specify false activations via dashboard.
  • Single control, monitoring and logging console.

What do we offer

  • Nginx + wallarm installation;
  • HA cluster initialization;
  • Secured web-server interaction setting;
  • Access Wallarm dashboard;
  • Installation of the updates;
  • Operational capacity monitoring.