Multi-factor authentication

Localized service for corporate services access’ protection for users and administrators, based on Safenet Authentication Service.

Multi-factor authentication

License buying, configurations and administration are not needed.

Protection of corporate network at passwords’ disclosure, protection from attacks via accounts passwords’ attacks method.

Meeting the requirements of PCI DSS, ISO 27001 concerning provision of reliable users’ authentication.

Protect via multi-factor authentication

  • corporate web-applications and services: Outlook Web App, cloud storage for documents, bookkeeping
  • remote desktop based on RDS or VDI
  • virtual machines and servers

Service features

Most advanced options for generation of verification code

Get the one-time password in mobile application or generate it via GrIDSure.


SafeNet supports RADIUS-, SAML- and OPENID-protocols and easily integrates to existing environments of company’s informational systems: Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Apache and other.

Self-service portal

Users may autonomously send requests for token’s issue, drop and re-issue them.

Access politics’ configuration

Via service you may restrict access to protected service via time-schedule and via IP-addresses values.

Single Sign On

Users may authorize at any corporate services via single sign-on technology.

Quick start

Connection "out-of-the-box" to Microsoft, Linux, VMware, Cisco, Citrix products.

Choose useful type of token

MobilePass mobile application

One-time password will come as push-notification:

  • works on Android, iOS, Windows;
  • provides additional protection via TouchID and FaceID;
  • at the target resource (mail, VDI etc.) the user enters one-time password from push-notification.

Password will be generated via pattern pre-defined by user itself in character table

  • special application and devices are not required;
  • character table includes letters, digits and special characters; the size of table may be adjusted;
  • at the target resource the user enters PIN and chooses characters from character table.

Financial guarantees of high quality

For all customers of "Multi-factor authentication" service we provide detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Below listed are basic features and specifications that we do financially guarantee: 

99.95% is guaranteed availability of service

≤ 10 minutes is the response time for incident

24х7 is technical support by mail and phone

Why choose us?

Quick start

the service requires no configuration “from scratch”, our experts will help in quick integration of the service to your infrastructure.

The costs are transparent

Month fee depends on number of services’ users only.

Licensed solution

Service deployed on the base of Russian data-center and will not send any data to foreign cloud service.

Always connected

Technical support 24x7 via mail and phone.