Integrated solution for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The application combines the most popular tools for everyday work and ensures reliable protection of corporate data.


To protect the corporate data

The business will reduce the risks related to corporate data leaks, without the need to “break in” the employee's personal device.

To improve performance

Employees will have easy access to company's corporate e-mail and file resources to fulfill tasks without a desktop PC.


Email client

  • a familiar Outlook interface for the fully-featured work with letters and calendars;
  • access to colleagues’ work calendars and corporate address directory;

File manager

  • access to corporate file resources for downloading, uploading, moving and other file operations;
  • synchronization with files on the office PC;

Microsoft Office built-in editor and viewing tools for various file types.

Integrated browser for controlled access to public and corporate resources that are not accessible through a regular browser.

Multi-screen user interface, allows you to simultaneously open a lot of files, letters and calendar events in separate “screens” and easily switch between them;

WorksPad Safety

Corporate data protection

  • User activity logging.
  • Deployment in the DataLine cloud.
  • User authentication through Active Directory.

Advanced security policies

  • Control over the use of third-party applications for working with corporate mail and documents.
  • Detailed configuration of user rights.

Employees’ privacy protection

  • Reliable separation of work and personal data on a mobile device.
  • Protection of business information at the application level rather than on the entire device.

Why us?

Guaranteed availability

The service is deployed in the DataLine fail-safe cloud.

Comprehensive approach

The service is a natural supplement to the Cloud-O application.


A single access point for the customer for all payments.

Technical support

Our technical experts are available 24x7.