Cloud PostgreSQL DBs

Service to provide a ready-made PostgreSQL database with the custom parameters based on the DataLine infrastructure.

Cloud PostgreSQL DBs

What we offer

We create a database on the given parameters, deployed in the DataLine cloud.

We support and maintain the necessary platforms for the operation of databases.

Service settings

  • Virtual server size: vCPU up to 32 cores, RAM up to 512 GB.
  • Database volume: from 1 GB and more.
  • Disk subsystem: SSD 2000 IOPS/1000GB or SAS 250 IOPS/500GB.
  • Backup: Once a day, copies are stored for 7 days.
  • Availability: 99.96% for a single solution, 99.98% for a cluster solution.

Additional options

  • LIGHT – database for experiments, without SLA, backup and maintenance.
  • Deployment of the database in the cloud in compliance with 152-FL.
  • Customizing the individual schedule of the backup.
  • Building a disaster-proof solution.

Why DataLine

  • Detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA): guarantee the integrity of your data, the maximum time to resolve a critical incident up to 90 minutes.
  • Flexible pricing policy: the cost depends on the version and size of the database, the required availability and performance of the virtual machine.
  • The databases are serviced by our experts, who specialize in working with high-loaded cluster configurations.
  • Reliable data storage in Tier III data centers in Russia.
SLA – your personal quality control

For all clients of the service we provide a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Below are the main parameters and indicators, for compliance with which we are financially responsible:

18 minutes

maximum unavailability of the database per month for a single solution

9 minutes

the maximum unavailability of a database per month for a cluster solution

5 ms

the maximum network delay within the DataLine DTN


RAM Swapped percentage of the configured VM memory


technical support

15 minutes

response time to the incident

Fill in the form and write down the required resource pool for your project. Our manager will go back to you to discuss the details.