Cloud Desktop — virtual desktops in the DataLine cloud

Cloud Desktop


A ready desktop for an employee at a cost of 1150 ₽/month. The price includes virtual resources, OS, and support and maintenance.

Rapid deployment of new desktops without the need to maintain the staff's computers.

Corporate data are stored in reliable DataLine data centers rather than on user devices.

Cloud Desktop helps you organize

Centralized network of regional desktops at minimum cost.

Protected working space for remote or roving employees.

Spare desktops in case of emergency in the main office.

Desktops for external developers.

Contact us
We will discuss the tasks our service should handle and the expectations it should meet, and then calculate the price and required virtual resources.
How does Cloud Desktop work
Computing in the DataLine cloud

All computing is done in the DataLine cloud, while employees see а high-response display.

Bring Your Own Device

Staff members can work on their own PC, laptop, or Mac. To connect to Cloud Desktop, they will need to install the app and log in to the system.

Access to required software

All the familiar programs, as well as safe access to the corporate folders will be available for day-to-day work.

Support and maintenance from the Head Office

Support and maintenance of the staff’s cloud desktops are provided from the Head Office. Administrators can create and delete desktops, if necessary, without much ado.

Why us
Reliable infrastructure

Tier III data centers in Russia certified by the Uptime Institute

Detailed SLA

Financial liability for non-provision of the guaranteed service parameters

Safe data allocation

Corporate data remain within the protected DC environment

Always connected

Technical support 24×7×365 via email or by phone

SLA – your personal quality control

We provide a detailed Service Level Agreement and the financial guarantees to all Cloud Desktop clients.

99.95% service availability

≤ 5 ms network delay within the DataLine DTN

15 minutes maximum incident response time

90 minutes maximum critical incident resolution time

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