Hosted PBX

Modern voice over IP offered on SaaS model. Highly reliable cloud-based PBX free of capital investments and expenses related to infrastructure maintenance.

Hosted PBX

What will you get?

all traditional PBX capabilities;

access to corporate telephone network from anywhere;

support of any device;

uniting branches into a single phone number pool.

PhoneLine capabilities

  • Setting of calls' distribution rules by groups, days of week, timezones.
  • IVR voice menu: setting-up voice greeting, tone dialing, extension numbers and autoredial.
  • Internal and external conference call management.
  • Virtual fax and answering unit.
  • Setting-up of notifications, call interception, call transfer and call holding.
  • Detailed statistics: number activity statistics, call recording with filtration by staff members and clients.
  • Connection of FMC corporate SIM-cards.
  • CRM and mail integration.

Why is our Hosted PBX reliable?


Connection in 1 day: fast setup of the unified phone system.


Multichannel number available during the relocation of offices. Access from any device.


Technical support 24х7. Unlimited storage for call records and statistics.

Cost optimization

Zero installation fees. Charging per user.




Complete “turn-key” PBX functionality. Web based interface administration.


Service availability – 99.9 %. Maximum downtime per month – 43.8 minutes.