Security and Vulnerability Analysis

Qualys-based service for searching and analyzing vulnerabilities in IT-systems and infrastructure. Scanning results are provided in the form of a report. 

Security and Vulnerability Analysis

Service features

You can regularly conduct an independent safety evaluation of your IT-systems and infrastructure.

Consolidated data on security perimeter status and a comprehensive list of vulnerabilities are provided in the form of a report.

There is no need to install or administrate additional plug-ins for security check.

Qualys is an authorized security perimeter check tool for PCI DSS. If you work with personal data or receive payments via the web-site, this security report will serve as proof of a conducted security check.

How it works

There is no need to buy licenses, install or administrate additional software to comprehensively check your IT-system’s security.

Step 1

You provide us with external IP-addresses and confirm that they belong to you.

Step 2

We scan your IT-systems and infrastructure with Qualys.

Step 3

Within 24 hours you receive a report on the current security level.

Additional options

  • Vulnerability check on domestic IP-addresses (through the installation of software agent within your infrastructure).
  • ACV-scanning to ensure PCI DSS certification. Scanning is conducted on a quarterly basis. The generated report proves compliance with PCI DSS standards.
Why us
Proven solution

Qualys platform conducts more than 3 billion scans a year with accuracy in determining vulnerabilities at a 99.9996% level.

Cost reduction

World-class scanner without the cost of an expensive license.


The single entry point for customers on payments and documents.

DataLine Cyber defense center

On request, our information security experts are ready to assist with addressing the discovered vulnerabilities.

Fill in the form and write down the required resource pool for your project. Our manager will contact you to discuss the details.