Support and maintenance of web-projects

We will help to focus on business.

We provide maintenance for medium and large-scale client Internet projects: big online stores, corporate, municipal and state information systems, mass media and data portals.

We offer comprehensive website support: operating capability, availability and performance of your system.

Support and maintenance of web-projects

Why this is interesting

For most of our customers, maintenance of web systems is an incidental business.

At the same time, the website is a significant sales and marketing channel that affects both the company's profit and reputation.

You will be interested to outsource maintenance of web service, if you are familiar with such problems:
  • Different contractors and teams are responsible for different tasks, and it is challenging to synchronize information.
  • Failure during peak periods, site loading delays, errors in ordering, and other functional issues.
  • Decrease in SEO-ratings, effectiveness of advertising campaigns and website conversions due to a large number of technical errors.
The benefits of smooth-running maintenance
  1. Guaranteed continuity of the service:
    • work with one contractor;
    • smooth-running processes of maintenance.
  2. Availability and speed of the site during peak seasons.
  3. Reduction of errors when accepting changes and improvements to the productive system.
Web-project maintenance includes:

Performance assurance:

  1. Organization of CDN and object storage;
  2. Quality control of development processes;
  3. Increase of system performance.

Provision fail-safety

  1. Hosting and managing of the information system;
  2. Monitoring and backup configuration;
  3. Elimination of errors in the business logic of the project.

Information security:

  1. Protection from external threats;
  2. Testing on vulnerabilities;
  3. Network security.
We work with:

Bitrix, Hybris or customer developments;

Programming language:

PHP, Java, JavaScript;


Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, HANA, PostgreSQL;


MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Memcache, Couchbase;

Search engines:

Solr, ElasticSearch, Sphinx;


Nginx, HAProxy, Netscaler, F5;


Nginx, Rabbit MQ, Apache, Tomcat, PHP-fpm;


Jenkins, TeamCity, Puppet, Ansible, Capistrano;

Testing tools:

 Yandex Tank, Jmeter, Selenium.

We know your product

Before taking project in maintenance, we audit the system, study its architecture and related documentation. As a result your website is not a black box for us.

1. We audit the state of your system and verify its compliance with business objectives;

2. We study and supplement the technical documentation of the project;

3. We check the level of information security and search for any bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in the system;

4. We set up a monitoring system;

5. We agree on the performance targets and the availability of the system at the acceptance stage and draw up a plan to reach these targets.

Fill in the form and write down the required resource pool for your project. Our manager will go back to you to discuss the details.