Support and maintenance of web-projects

We provide maintenance for medium and large-scale client Internet projects: big online stores, corporate, municipal and state information systems, mass media and data portals. We will ensure website availability during peak periods, increase system productivity and help you to introduce new services without loss of quality.

Support and maintenance of web-projects

Why is it interesting

For most of our customers, maintenance of web systems is an incidental business.

At the same time, the website is a significant sales and marketing channel that affects both the company's profit and reputation.

You will be interested to outsource maintenance of web service, if you are familiar with such problems:
  • Different contractors and teams are responsible for different tasks, and it is challenging to synchronize information.
  • Failure during peak periods, site loading delays, errors in ordering, and other functional issues.
  • Decrease in SEO-ratings, effectiveness of advertising campaigns and website conversions due to a large number of technical errors.
The benefits of smooth-running maintenance
  1. Guaranteed service operational continuity:
    • work with one contractor;
    • smooth-running processes of maintenance.
  2. Availability and operation speed of the site during peak seasons.
  3. Reduction in the number of errors when accepting changes and improvements to the productive system.
Web-project maintenance includes:

Performance assurance:

  1. Organization of CDN and object storage;
  2. Quality control of development processes;
  3. Increase of system performance.


  1. Hosting and managing of the information system;
  2. Monitoring and backup configuration;
  3. Elimination of errors in the business logic of the project.

Information security:

  1. Protection from external threats;
  2. Testing on vulnerabilities;
  3. Network security.
We work with:

Bitrix, Hybris or customer developments;

Programming language:

PHP, Java, JavaScript;


Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, HANA, PostgreSQL;


MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Memcache, Couchbase;

Search engines:

Solr, ElasticSearch, Sphinx;


Nginx, HAProxy, Netscaler, F5;


Nginx, Rabbit MQ, Apache, Tomcat, PHP-fpm;


Jenkins, TeamCity, Puppet, Ansible, Capistrano;

Testing tools:

 Yandex Tank, Jmeter, Selenium.

How it works
Website audit

We audit the state of your system and verify its compliance with business objectives.


We study and supplement the technical documentation of the project.

Information security issues

We check the level of information security and search for any bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in the system.

KPI monitoring

We coordinate productivity and availability goals and control already set KPI via a monitoring system.

Fill in the form and write down the required resource pool for your project. Our manager will contact you to discuss the details.