Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server database management system hosting and administration on any site.

Microsoft SQL Server

What we offer

Microsoft SQL Server dedicated hosting (Standard and Enterprise) in DataLine clouds or NORD and OST data centers.

Licensed Microsoft SQL Server software in Standard and Enterprise editions.

Microsoft SQL Server support and maintenance by dedicated database administrator.

Assistance with sizing and migration of information systems from other platforms and versions (Microsoft SQL Server 2005 end-of-life).

Personal manager and 24x7 technical support.

What's new in MS SQL 2017

Support for R and Python languages for data research.

Compliance GDPR.

Microsoft SQL Server Dedicated Solution

For Enterprise edition, a failover hosting with AlwaysOn clustering is provided, in Standard edition - a single StandAlone server and AlwaysOn (2 nodes).

  • Single server;
  • There are no replicas or backups;
  • Cost-effective solution;
  • Suitable for non-critical databases.
  • Failover clustering (WSFC);
  • Up to 8 database replicas;
  • Two synchronous databases replicas;
  • Database geographical separation;
  • Database instance-level protection;
  • Shared storage: direct connection, SAN, connection points, SMB;
  • WSFC cluster quorum mode;
  • Failover cluster instances (FCI);
  • Availability group settings;
  • Resources for the transition in case of failure: server, instance and database.
Support and maintenace

We audit and optimize ready-made DBMS, maintain your system with Microsoft SQL Server, and also help to create and launch DBMS for a new project.

DBMS creation for a project
  • Analysis of existing DBMS requirements;
  • Statement of work creation, given the forecast database growth;
  • Technical solution development. Action plan drawing up;
  • DBMS pilot version creation and testing. Maintenance and support procedure creation;
  • DBMS productive version launch.
DBMS optimization
  • DBMS snapshot creation and architecture documenting;
  • Bottlenecks (networks, DSS, monitoring) identification and uncloggin;
  • DBMS architecture changing as necessary;
  • Infrastructure scaling for DBMS hosting;
  • Updating existing documentation and drafting the necessary documentation in case of its absence.
DBMS maintenance and monitoring
  • Operating system and DBMS support;
  • Instances availability and performance monitoring;
  • Resources growth forecasting;
  • Backup policies testing and modification;
  • DR scenarios design and implementation;
  • Recovery instructions creation;
  • Database recovery in case of failures. DR scenarios implementation.
SLA - your personal quality control

For all service clients, we provide a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Key parameters and indicators, we are financially liable for, are listed below:

99.982% service availability on CloudLine platform

8 minutesmaximum downtime per month

99.95% service availability on Cloud-V platform

21.65 minutes maximum downtime per month

24х7 technical support

10 minutesservice desk response time

Fill in the form and write down the required resource pool for your project. Our manager will go back to you to discuss the details.

Additional services

IaaS virtual infrastructure is ready-made compute resources with no costs for purchase and maintenance of physical equipment.

Hosting and lease of server and network equipment in Tier III level OST and NORD data centers in Moscow.

Comprehensive data management solutions based on TIER III data centers: backup, replication, storage and consistent recovery of information systems and data.