Network virtualization

VMware NSX-based platform for security and network services virtualization.

Network virtualization

Service provides

Network virtualization: service reproduces L2, L3, L4-7 services in isolation from physical network topology.

Microsegmentation: security and networking policies can be registered for IP – and MAC-addresses, separate VMs and applications.

Adaptability: security profile and network configuration are synchronized when virtual machines migrate to backup site.

Integration with cloud services: the service is available in basic and advanced version in CloudLine and Cloud-152.

Service helps you to set up the following network services

  • Firewall – network access control;
  • NAT – network addresses transformation for services publication on the Internet;
  • Static Routing – static routing configuration;
  • Dynamic Routing – dynamic routing configuration by using OSPF and BGP protocols;
  • Load Balancer – load balancing at L2, L3, L4‒7 levels, HTTPS certificate supported;
  • Certificates – SSL-certificates supported;
  • IPSec VPN – creation of the encrypted channel between remote sites;
  • L2VPN – establishing VPN at Level 2;
  • SSL VPN Plus – creation of the encrypted channel between end-user and infrastructure;
  • Grouping Objects – infrastructure facilities grouping based on MAC- or IP-addresses;
  • Statistics – logs and performance metrics revision.

“Network virtualization” service is available in two versions:

  Silver Gold
NAT Yes Yes
Firewall Yes Yes
Static Routing Yes Yes
IPSec VPN Yes Yes
Load Balancer Yes Yes
Dynamic Routing No Yes
SSL VPN Plus No Yes
Certificates No Yes
Grouping No Yes
Objects No Yes
Statistics No Yes
L2VPN No Yes

SLA – your personal quality control

For all Network virtualization clients, we provide a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Key parameters and indicators, we are financially liable for, are listed below:

8 minutes maximum service downtime

≤ 0.2% lost packet within DataLine network

≤ 5 ms network delay within DataLine network

24х7 technical support

≤ 10 minutes incident response time

≤ 90 minutes incident resolution time