Network virtualization

VMware NSX-based platform for security and network services virtualization.

Network virtualization

Service provides

Network virtualization: service reproduces L2, L3, L4-7 services in isolation from physical network topology.

Microsegmentation: security and networking policies can be registered for IP – and MAC-addresses, separate VMs and applications.

Adaptability: security profile and network configuration are synchronized when virtual machines migrate to backup site.

Integration with cloud services: the service is available in basic and advanced version in CloudLine and Cloud-152.

Service helps you to set up the following network services

  • Firewall – network access control;
  • NAT – network addresses transformation for services publication on the Internet;
  • Static Routing – static routing configuration;
  • Dynamic Routing – dynamic routing configuration by using OSPF and BGP protocols;
  • Load Balancer – load balancing at L2, L3, L4‒7 levels, HTTPS certificate supported;
  • Certificates – SSL-certificates supported;
  • IPSec VPN – creation of the encrypted channel between remote sites;
  • L2VPN – establishing VPN at Level 2;
  • SSL VPN Plus – creation of the encrypted channel between end-user and infrastructure;
  • Grouping Objects – infrastructure facilities grouping based on MAC- or IP-addresses;
  • Statistics – logs and performance metrics revision.

SLA – your personal quality control

For all Network virtualization clients, we provide a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Key parameters and indicators, we are financially liable for, are listed below:

8 minutes maximum service downtime

≤ 0.2% lost packet within DataLine network

≤ 5 ms network delay within DataLine network

24х7 technical support

≤ 10 minutes incident response time

≤ 90 minutes incident resolution time