DSS lease

Additional resources for data storage with direct connection to your equipment deployed in NORD and OST data centers.

DSS lease

DSS lease helps you, when

The amount of data has increased dramatically and you need additional storage space.

Additional load is expected and there is a need to increase speed and efficiency of the productive systems.

Your own DSS is out of service for repair or maintenance.

Technical parameters

  • Disk type: SSD or SATA.
  • Volume: from 1 TB or more.
  • Access protocols: iSCSI, NFS or CIFS.
  • Access speed: up to 10 GB per second.

SLA - your personal quality control

For all "DSS lease" clients, we provide a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Key parameters and indicators, we are financially liable for, are listed below:

99.95% guaranteed service availability

≤ 5 ms network delay within DataLine network

≤ 15 minutes incident response time

≤ 90 minutes incident resolution time