CloudBase databases

We will provide ready-made databases with the custom parameters deployed in the DataLine cloud.

We take upon ourselves the full range of tasks for creating, hosting and maintaining databases and ensuring the smooth operation of the platforms.

CloudBase databases

What do we offer

Creation of a database on the specified parameters, deployed on virtual machines in the DataLine cloud.

Maintaining and technical support of platforms by a qualified database administrator with experience of at least 3 years.

Provision of licensed software for Microsoft SQL databases Web, Standard and Enterprise editions.

Service features

Complex solution:

the service includes necessary software, lease, support and maintenance of computing resources, network components, storage systems, backup, OS and DBMS.

Cost optimization:

there are no capital costs for the creation and maintenance of databases, as well as for supporting the necessary IT infrastructure.


A flexible model of monthly payments with payment only for the used resources. You can quickly increase or decrease the number of virtual resources.


the placement of personal data processed by applications in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law 152.

Our solutions

MS SQL-as-a-Service – creation, deployment, support and maintenance of MS SQL;

MySQL-as-a-Service – creation, deployment, support and maintenance of MySQL;

PostgreSQL-as-a-Service – creation, deployment, support and maintenance of PostgreSQL.

Why you can trust us
Proven Solutions

From the leaders in the relational database management systems area – Microsoft, Oracle, Postgres Professional.

Detailed SLA

Financial responsibility for violation of guaranteed service parameters.

Reliable infrastructure

Tier III data centers in Russia, certified by Uptime Institute.

Always connected

Technical support 24x7 by mail and phone.