New DataLine service: Video Surveillance

28 October 2019

With the new service, clients will be able to deploy a video surveillance system from scratch, without worrying about the costs of equipment, software and their maintenance.

For each client, DataLine develops a turnkey system: prepares a project for placing cameras and installs them on site, provides rental cameras and a high-speed Internet channel, as well as a cloud storage for video recordings. Clients will be able to view and download video from cameras through the web version of the service using desktop and mobile applications.

The new service also has the capabilities of video analytics. For example, it will be possible to count the number of visitors, to track staff activity, to recognize faces and abandoned items. Thanks to video analytics, clients will be able to solve a variety of problems: provide security in protected areas, analyze the workload of outlets, evaluate the quality of their employees.

The service is provided by monthly subscription. Detailed SLA guarantees round-the-clock support, replacement of a faulty camera for three days and a record storage depth of 7 days.

Learn more about the service and send request for proposal:

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