New CEO at DataLine

16 June 2022

Cloud provider DataLine announces the appointment of Sergey Kryukov to the post of CEO of the company. At this post, he will replace Yuri Samoylov. Sergey Viktorovich Kryukov — mechanical engineer by education, graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1983, and in 2008 completed his studies at the Higher School of Management at the Higher School of Economics under the Executive MBA program. Since 1991, he has held senior positions in technology companies "Summit Systems"; and X-Ring. Sergey Kryukov became the first employee of INLINE Technologies, founded in 1999. On the basis of the company, the INLINE Technologies Group (ITG) holding was then formed, which Kryukov headed as CEO in 2006. Later, ITG became the basis for the creation of DataLine. Since 2018, Sergey has headed the joint venture between ITG and Rostelecom. — «RTK DC».

Yuri Samoylov has been at the head of DataLine since its foundation in 2007. During his time as CEO, he managed to build one of the largest Tier III data center networks in the country. Under the leadership of Yuri Samoylov, DataLine has become one of the leaders both in the data center market and among cloud service providers. "As part of the group of companies “Rostelecom DC” we at DataLine will focus on the new ambitious tasks facing PJSC Rostelecom in the B&B and B&G segments. Using all the accumulated experience and developments of Yuri Samoylov over 15 years of work, our company seeks not only to maintain its leadership in the market, but also to increase the gap from its closest competitors through the effective management of existing data centers and the construction of new sites, — Sergey Kryukov, CEO of DataLine.

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