DataLine told about new services and data centers

8 October 2019

On October 3, Insight Brut Day, the first DataLine conference, was held in Moscow, in which the company announced the launch of new services, data centers and development plans for the next year.

In the coming months, the Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) service will be launched. As a part of the services, customers can rent the necessary devices, software and cloud resources for storing records. By the end of the year, mobile device management services within the enterprise environment (MDM) and the collaboration platform will be available.

At the beginning of next year, the portfolio of information security services will be supplemented by the Security Operation Center (SOC) service, which DataLine will provide in partnership with Informzaschita company.

"The new services, as well as all DataLine service offerings, are focused on the b2b segment and imply the possibility of integration into the customer's system landscape," — Yury Samoylov, DataLine General Director, comments. – "For each service, a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA) is developed with the technical parameters of the service and penalties for non-compliance. The project has its dedicated technical team, each client has his own personal service manager and technical manager."

DataLine also will continue to expand its network of data centers. In March 2020, the NORD-5 data center with a capacity of 580 racks will be launched on the site on Korovinskoye Shosse. In January 2021, NORD-6 with a capacity of 470 racks will work there. Data centers will be certified according to Uptime Institute standards: design, equipment, operational stability.

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