DataLine presents new service for workplace virtualization

16 January

DataLine presents the Cloud Desktop service for virtualizing office and mobile workstations.

Cloud Desktop realizes virtual desktop provided according to the service model. The service is based on DataLine disaster-proof cloud in Tier III data centers.

Employees are enabled to access all usual programs and data for work without download of corporate information to the user devices.

The service is aimed to reduce the cost of maintaining IT infrastructure of offices, to provide security of corporate data and to accelerate the deployment of new jobs.

A detailed service level agreement is provided for all Cloud Desktop customers. Guaranteed availability of service is 99.95%. 24 × 7 technical support is provided.

Cloud Desktop is available for free test. To apply for the test please contact us by email or by phone +7 (495)7846505.

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16 January

DataLine presents Cloud Desktop service for virtualizing office and mobile workstations.

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