DataLine launched a service for collection and storing logs

15 September 2020

The new service will provide clients with a reliable place for archiving information system events.

As part of the service, clients can collect logs from server, network and engineering equipment, databases, applications, and Linux and Windows operating systems. Logs are stored in a secure DataLine cloud storage, and archives can be accessed via a browser or application.

When storing logs on the service provider's side, clients will not lose them in the event of a local equipment failure or during an accident on the site. Clients also get protection against deletion and modification of archived data: they are not available to third parties in a secure cloud storage.

“By using the service for storing logs in the cloud, clients will be able to save on storage space. In our experience, at least 5 TB of logs are collected and stored locally for the it infrastructure out of 20 servers per year”, - Mikhail Solovyov, Product Development Director commented. "It is more profitable to move them to the cloud storage, and not take up useful space on the servers."

A detailed SLA guarantees 99.95% availability of the service, log storage depth from 1 month and provision of log archives in no more than 4 hours. Technical support is available to customers in 24x7 mode, the maximum response time to an incident is 15 minutes.

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