Data center NORD-4 certified for Uptime Institute’s Tier III: Operational Sustainability

19 January 2018

Data center NORD-4 first line operation processes have been certified for compliance with the Uptime Institute’s Tier III standard: Operational Sustainability. Earlier, the data center was certified for Tier III standards: Design and Constructed Facility.

The certification verifies the data center operational sustainability in three categories: operation, building characteristics and site location. Evaluation covers managerial solutions on staffing levels and training, as well as the data center operation and maintenance processes.

Data center NORD-4 first line was audited by Uptime Institute experts. Tests were conducted over the course of three days – from 10 to 12 October 2017 – and resulted in awarding the module a Tier III: Operational Sustainability certificate, Silver level. This certificate confirms the module compliance with the following criteria:

  • sustainable infrastructure operation,
  • tailored control and operation processes,
  • compliance with the building design requirements,
  • low operational risks on site.

The Uptime Institute's certification Tier III: Operational Sustainability is the key standard for evaluating effective and efficient operations. This standard provides the recommendations on prioritized behaviors and risks intrinsic to data center operations. The certificate is valid for two years from the award date.

“NORD-4 is the product of the DataLine’s accumulated experience in design, construction and operation of data centers,” Yury Samoylov, DataLine General Director comments. “We implemented our most successful solutions and worked out exception scenarios to the maximum extent possible. And we are happy to announce that NORD-4 high reliability has been confirmed by Uptime Institute certificates.”

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