Nearline Storage

Nearline Storage – sharable redundant midrange storage system. The system suits for storing the data accessed relatively rare – files, backups, and distributions, which do not require high-speed continuous access.

Migration of archive data to sharable storage system allows to reduce the amount of data stored in your fast SANs and increase speed and performance of your live systems. Herewith the data, kept at Nearline Storage, are reliably accessed at a sufficient speed.

Benefits of Nearline Storage:

IT-costs optimization

Reduce storage costs by introducing a low-cost storage layer of infrequently used data.


The physical infrastructure is placed in redundant Tier 3 level data centers.

Quality assurance

Up to 1 Gbit/s - speed of access
99.85% - guaranteed service availability.


DataLine security system complies with the ISO 27001 and PCI DSS international standards and is FSTEC certified.