The Cloud-152 service includes a cloud infrastructure built in line with requirements to the personal data protection set out in Federal Law 152; we also comprehensive support for attestation of your information systems.

What do we offer?

  • Community cloud for placement of personal data with protection levels 2, 3, 4.
  • Private cloud for placement of personal data with protection level 1.
  • The ability to integrate our IS tools and equipment into the architecture of your solution.
  • Attestation and support of information systems in cooperation with your partners:
    • Development of the threat model
    • Preparation of documents (threat model, technical project, organizational documents, letter to Roskomnadzor)
    • Attestation of the information system
    • Support of the information system

You can entrust your personal data to our cloud

Compliance with regulators’ standards

We have a required set of certificates and licenses from FSTEC and FSS.

Reliable infrastructure

Own Tier 3 data centers in Moscow certified by Uptime Institute.

Detailed SLA

We guarantee 99.982% availability of the cloud and assume financial responsibility for quality.

Expertise of the cloud provider of VMware No. 1 in Russia

Considerable experience of implementation of complex projects including deployment of business-critical systems and data.