Virtual Infrastructure (IaaS)

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) virtual infrastructure is a pool of virtual resources (processors, memory, disk space) or ready virtual machines where you can deploy any system or application software. IaaS can completely replace your physical infrastructure within several minutes and without any capital investments.

Advantages of the virtual infrastructure (IaaS) for your business:

  • Scalability
    Promptly upgrade and reduce your IT resources for temporary projects or during seasonal peaks.
  • Manageability
    Manage your virtual resources via a functional board from any place connected to Internet.
  • Optimization of IT costs
    Pay as you go.
  • Flexibility
    The configuration of the cloud pool can be easily changed via a control panel.

What do we offer?

For business critical systems and data (community and private cloud):

  • Metrocluster: a disaster-proof cloud based on the VMware software with SLA 99.99%;
  • CloudLine: a virtual data centre based on the VMware software with SLA 99.98%;
  • Cloud-V: powerful virtual machines based on the Microsoft software with SLA 99.95%;
  • Cloud-152: a cloud infrastructure built in compliance with requirements of FZ-152.

For organization of test environments and sandboxes:

Why can our clouds be trusted?


The physical base of our clouds is located in failover Tier III data centres.


The DataLine security systems comply with the ISO27001 and PCI DSS international standards and have FSTEC certificates.

Pay As You Go

Due to the hourly billing, you pay only for the resources that you really use.

IT Consulting

Our certified system architects will assist in sizing and in designing the architecture of the cloud solution, and develop the migration plan.

Cloud SLA

We guarantee 99.982% availability of the cloud service and assume financial responsibility for unforeseen failures in the cloud's operation.

Prompt Feedback

The technical support and a personal service manager will assist in solving your issues 24x7.