DataLine provides backup service to provide additional security and availability of your data.

What we offer:

  • Creating and testing a communication channel (for remote backup)
  • Designing and configuring a backup system (backup objects, the volume of the copied information, requirements for the copying and recovering modes and to the copy storage depth)
  • Daily incremental backup copy creation and weekly full data copying
  • Storage of copies (up to 4 weeks) in a specially protected room with limited access and 24x7 video surveillance
  • Writing backup copies to disks and delivery to the customer on request
  • Restoring backup copies in case of incidents and on requests on a 24x7 basis

Our solutions

  • Veeam Backup and Replication: backup of disks, virtual machines, as well as databases and Active Directory services
  • NetApp solution: backup on data storage level
  • CommVaultSimpana 10: backup of OS, DBMS, and applications

Additional services: