DDoS and hackers’ attacks protection

Protection from DDoS attacks is a necessary solution for companies whose business is focused in the Internet.

A DDoS or hackers’ attack on your information system provokes serious failures in your web-resource performance:

  • Clients service refusal
  • Transaction losses
  • Confidential information leakage and theft (personal data, account and user sessions)
  • Web-resource pages’ infection with malicious code
  • Unauthorized commands performance on your servers
  • Illegal changes of the web-resource pages and external links and redirecting installation

As a result of a "successful" DDoS or hackers’ attack, you lose profit and suffer serious reputational damage and costs for the service recovery.

DataLine solution advantages

We offer specialized complex protection solutions against DDoS and hackers attacks under your tasks based on DataLine resources and partners' platforms, such as QRATOR, Level3 etc.


Unlimited DDoS filtration bandwidth.


Hackers attacks blocking with minimized number of false responses.


Filtration control via personal account and online reports.


Service availability – 99,5%. Maximum downtime per month –
3 hours.



Additional services: