Communication channels

Dedicated communication channels with any guaranteed bandwidth.

  • Redundant digital dedicated channels to any points of presence of providers in Russia and abroad.
  • Network connectivity between your office and equipment in our data centers.
  • Channels to Russian and international Internet exchange points.
  • Communication channels construction for specific projects.

SLA for point-to-point channels

  • Packet loss rate within DataLine DTN – less than 0,2%.
  • Average network delay within DataLine DTN – less than 5 ms.

Why can you trust us?


Cisco, Juniper, Mellanox, Brocade certified technical specialists.

Prompt Feedback

Competent NOC. 24х7х365 technical support and monitoring.

Own FOCL Network

Routes are approved by regulating authorities. IP/MPLS and DWDM networks are automatically switched to redundant routes.


Downtime per month: for redundant channels – less than 15 minutes. Channels without protecting routes – less than 2 hours.



Additional services: