Internet access

DataLine provides high-speed redundant Internet access at any speed.

DataLine has a complete set of licenses of a communication service provider.

  • High-speed Internet access
  • Communication channels with any bandwidth
  • 53 telecom providers are connected to DataLine sites
  • Redundant ports on independent equipment
  • IP-transit
  • IPv6
  • IP-peering
  • L3VPN, GRE and other tunneling to connect your remote LANs with DataLine's own resources and other providers that are present in our data centers
  • Support in RIPE registration of IP-addresses, PA/PI-blocks and Autonomous Systems

SLA for Internet access

  • Packet loss rate within DataLine DTN – less than 0,5%.
  • Average network delay withinDataLine DTN – less than 10 ms.



Additional services: