Software and hardware monitoring

Monitoring of DataLine data centers in mobile app

Monitoring of equipment, software, and infrastructure of DataLine data centers allows to maintain high quality of the service and prevent accidents. All readings are carefully monitored with the help of specialized solutions developed by DataLine experts, and broadcasted to "My Profile" and DL Monitor mobile application.

The monitored indicators are:

  • Indicators of power consumption and systems of the main and standby power supply (power beams, UPS, diesel generators) of the DataLine data centers
  • Climatic parameters (temperature and humidity in the hardware location area)
  • Network, communication channels, server hardware
  • Software, processes, network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, ICMP, SNMP)
  • CPU load, disk usage, system logs

Advantages of our solution for you:


All monitored results are transmitted in the form of illustrative graphs and charts, which are also available in "My Profile" and DL Monitor mobile application.

Total control

In addition to remote monitoring, every 4 hours shift engineers carry out visual inspection of the data centers infrastructure objects.


You can configure SMS or email alerts with the parameters you are interested in, as well as receive occacional or regular reports.

Prompt feedback

You are offered a personal service manager and 24x7 highly skilled technical support.