Server rooms and data centers maintenance

Server rooms and data centers maintenance is a solution for maintenance and monitoring of the physical IT infrastructure. Our 7-year experience of the data centers operator allows us to offer you a set of recommendations to optimize and upgrade the existing IT infrastructure as well as to develop a project and build new server rooms and data centers.

Advantages of the DataLine solution

Single entry point

Solution of all IT tasks in one place instead of large number of contractors for specific issues.

IT costs optimization

You do not have to waste time and money for search and training of expensive specialized personnel.

Specialists in all fields

Qualified engineers for all systems of the data centers – power supply, cooling, the fire suppression system, etc.

Experience and expertise

7 years of experience in the design, construction and operation of Russia's largest network of data centers in 2013-2014.

Prompt feedback

You are offered a personal service manager and 24x7 highly skilled technical support.

Quality guarantee

The detailed SLA provides our financial liability for unforeseen failures in the service quality.