Specialized solutions

As part of сolocation services you are offered specialized solutions in DataLine data centers.

Special cages for racks

Special cages provide additional protected perimeter, allow to control physical access to your equipment without any loss in usable space thanks to roll-up doors.

Inside of the cage you also can install:

  • Video cameras
  • AMCS
  • Motion sensors
  • Sensors of opening/closing cages and rack doors
  • All readings of sensors and cameras are displayed in the monitoring system and available in "My Profile" page

High-density zone

High-density zone in OST data centers allows to place high power equipment.

To ensure an optimum level of cooling of high power equipment, we place in the rack rows air conditioners that take air from the hot aisle, cool it down, and bring it into the cold aisle to the equipment. A special tight area covering the hot aisle and preventing mixing of cooled and heated airflows is created around a group of racks. To arrange the high-density zone, we use the APC InfraStruXureInRow integrated solution.

Advantages of the high-density zone:

  • Cooling capacity of up to 34 kW of air conditioners ensure optimal cooling of the most powerful blade servers; 
  • Air conditioners are equipped with electronic control panel that maintains optimal cooling mode;
  • APC InRow air conditioning systems have their own IP-addresses, which allows monitoring and remote control of the devices via a web browser, Telnet, or SSH, without involvement of a dedicated server;
  • Fans have variable speed, which is important for energy saving in the circumstances of incomplete cooling load;
  • All InRow air conditioners in the data centers can be combined into a single system controlled by special software, and if any air conditioner fails, the neighboring air condition units automatically switch to the enhanced mode.



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