Disaster recovery data center

The backup data center at the premises of the OST and NORD ensures continuous operation of critical applications in the event of failure of your primary data center or server room. The backup data center allows to avoid financial and reputational loss, and increase the level of disaster tolerance and reliability of your IT infrastructure.

In addition to the backup data center, we offer areas to accommodate your staff and organize backup office (Disaster Recovery Office). You may use premises in our data centers equipped with all necessary facilities (electricity, high speed Internet, and telephone) for rapid deployment of workplaces in the case of force majeure.

With backup data center in DataLine you get:

Tier 3 data centers

2N redundant power supply, network infrastructure, and fire-suppression system. N+1 redundant cooling system.

Disaster tolerance

Transparent switching between the primary and backup data centers, replication of data between repositories.

IT Consulting

Assistance in developing the Disaster Recovery Plan with a complete set of organizational and technical documentation.

Experience and expertise

7 years of experience in the design, construction, and operation of the Russia's largest network of data centers as of 2013.

Prompt feedback

You are offered a personal service manager and 24/7 highly skilled technical support.

Quality guarantee

The detailed SLA provides our financial liability for unforeseen failures in the service quality.

Additional services: